How to find a non-OEM iPod Touch 2G Cases

image You would think that it would be easy to get away from the classic black leather/faux leather OEM (original equipment manufacturer) iPod Touch 2G Cases, especially for smart iPod . Not true. I have spent the last two weeks looking for something unique for my ipod touch and still have not found what I am looking for.

Since my ipod nano is a specially painted in orange, blue and white from ipod homepage, I wanted something that would protect the device from my klutziness while showing off the great look of my ipod.

Every iPod Touch 2G Cases vendor has some form of OEM case usually in black leather. Sometimes it is a pouch for something like the ipod, or a form fitting little number for flip ipod.

Rarely do Verizon, AT&T, etc. offer something really attractive or even all that protective. The silicone/rubber ones that I saw in the AT&T store, BestBuy and Radio Shack just did not look as if they would provide more than a little color change.

Bestbuy and Radio Shack aren’t any better. Representatives from both stores sent me to a kiosk in my local mall that specialized in ipod touch accessories. I found a nice protective clear plastic case at the kiosk. It fits my ipod well. Since I have already dropped it twice without damaging the ipod, it also works well.

image Sure, you can settle for the OEM choices from your ipod store or you can try out the larger but still limited selection from your multi-brand ipod kiosk. The most variety and style in ipod touch cases can be found online.

I can get a special OEM ipod pouch in a variety of colors (black and red) from my local stores or choose from an additional two color choices (white and tan) from such online stores.

image Online stores such as Sourcingmap, offer a wider variety of cases as well as the usual assortment of black leather and silicone. Most of the cases are functional and attractive and in the affordable price range of $1.99-$4.99

Sourcingmap offers a wide variety of stylish ipod cases. This store has a different case or pouch to fit your mood from elegant evening wear to rugged outdoor style and good looking everyday cases as well.

Of course, you will pay a much higher price for these cases than for the cases found in an online store such as the ones mentioned above or any mall kiosk or OEM store. For instance, Noreve offers a $14,990 case for the 3G iPhone that comes with a diamond pattern.

image Over the years, I have purchased a number of cases from online accessory providers and found them to be of varying quality. I have found that my favorite inexpensive cases are from Krusell, PDair and Covertec. They are all good quality cases and hold up well. You can find these cases on many of the gadget specific .

I have also paid big bucks for fancy cases from Sena, Fortte and Piel Frama. All of them were excellent quality and held up longer than the gadget/ipod for which I originally bought the cases.

This time around I want to try something a little more daring and a little less corporate professional. I think I just might spring for a Pica or more far out Krusell case for my ipod touch. Maybe I’ll choose something from the Fortte Life Colors line. After all, with a unique phone, an OEM case just won’t do!

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