Handmade wooden Apple iPod mini case and dock.

Handmade wooden Apple iPod mini case and dock

You have probably recognized the shape of stale iPod mini. Under the wooden covering there actually is a working player. To be honest when I saw it, it started to annoy me. At first I though someone decided it was a good idea make these things out of rubber sheet and dare to sell for double the price though it is not particularly a looker, tough or interesting in anyway. But then it totally made me change my mind.

There is one thing about the wooden iPod mini case that cancelled my bad opinion about it. It appeared to be an absolutely non commercial project of a man from Australia. And for me that's makes a difference because the man behind it was after no other reason but expressing himself. Josh, iLounge reader, took his own iPod mini and let ingenuity do its job. In the issue he had a red cedar case, click wheel out of camphor laurel – all assembled with true screws and double-side adhesive (for the click wheel mostly). Josh hasn't stopped here. He also redecorated his iTrip and iPod dock in the same way with the adjustment for wider iPod dimensions. Well done, mate!

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