An iPod Case with Built-In Speakers

iMainGo iPod Case and Speakers
An iPod Case with Built-In Speakers

Most people opt to get a case for their iPod, something that’ll protect their investment from the inevitable drops and scratching. Many people also want an external speaker for their iPod that’ll let them share their music with their friends. Doesn’t combining the two seem like a natural idea? It’s a wonder it hasn’t happened before.

But hey, it finally has. Take a look at the Portable Sound Labs iMainGo Portable iPod Speaker & Case. All it needs is 4 AAA batteries to give you 30 hours of music playing from the built-in speakers, which have enhanced bass and huge sound for the tiny package. It’s all tucked away in a rugged case that’ll protect both your iPod and your speakers from bumps and drops. And with the iPod docked in the speaker, you can set it to have an alarm to wake you up, which is a great additional feature. So why have both a case and speakers? You can get them together in one elegant package.

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