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I got my new iPod Touch for christmas 2009 and I love it, I take it with me everywhere, it never leaves my sight. Whether it be in the kitchen, on the plane or even at work.

You see I had an iPod 4G 20GB but after a week it was scratched to hell, I tried rubbing it with silver polish but it never quite looked the same so now I havemy new iPod Touch I thought it was high time I get a protective case for it. No more scratches for me. But the question came, which iPod Touch case should I get?

One made of gold with encrusted diamonds?

One made of leather?

A silicon skin one perhaps?

Or maybe even one made of hemp?

It was a tough decision and one that would have been a whole lot easier if I had a guide so I decided to write one.

iPod Touch

iPod Touch Pink Case($1.69)

Pink Silicone Skin Back Case for iPod Touch iTouch 2G 2nd Generation

iPod Touch Case Options

As I wrote earlier, there are lots of choices for iPod Touch cases with the cost of them ranging equally wildly.

First we have the silicon based cases like the iSkin Touch which costs around £16. I like these ones because they are immensly durable, you can drop them, rub them against a brick wall or even use them to prop open the window.

Then we have the leather cases like the Belkin Leather Folio which costs around £12. This one in particular looks a bit like a purse when its closed up, not really my thing but I think they are pretty popular anyway. The advantage of these is that leather is pretty durable aswell, as you would expect from a case but its also organic, none of this plastic or silicon stuff. Good for the environment I think.

Finally we have the cases that dont look like cases, the ones that are just a thin but extremely durable layer of plastics, polymers and silicon. One of the more popular ones is the XtremeMac MicroShield which costs around £10.

All in all for around 10 quid you can save your iPod Touch from the usual wear and tear of every day life. For me I won't ever buy another iPod without also getting the case.

iPod Touch Resources

In my travels around the iPod Touch universe I have come across many sites which have been helpful. For instance when I was playing with my iPod Touch I wanted some more applications and I found this hub that showcased some of the better iPod Touch Applications.

When I was looking for my case I also came across Uxsight.com which provides a few iPod Touch cases like FM transmitters, docks and speakers.

And I think the single greatest thing about the iPod Touch apart from the web browsing is being able to watch full length DVDs on it. But the problem is getting them onto the iPod. I found a nice little 'How To' guide on ripping DVDs and putting them on your iPod which is well worth a look.

Recycling Your iPod

One last note, but this time its to point out that whilst buying new gadgets and accessories is great fun yoiu should also remember to recycle your old ones. For instance im sure as soon as the pink iphone appears in shops then all the girls will be out to get one but when that gets old they'll go after the next pink phone.

There is an easy way to recycle mobile phones and that is to sell them, this could be on an auction site like ebay, a marketplace like on amazon or even on special websites that give you money as soon as they receive the phone.

So next time you buy a gadget, remember to recycle the old one.

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