Custom Wooden iPod Touch Case

Custom Wooden iPod Touch CaseHere's a creative, Custom Wooden iPod Touch Case,unique way to keep your iPod from getting scratched, scraped and otherwise defaced that doesn't involve the usual ubiquitous, unsightly leather cases. Designer Peter Kinne has developed a handy wooden case that keeps your baby safe and looks good, too; we think it would go great with the iPod bed we just featured. Complete with a padded interior, data ports for charging, synching and listening, and a positive-lock closure to keep "your sensitive electronics from becoming road pizza," the wood is birch, the metal bits are reclaimed stainless steel from salvaged bikes, and there is talk of bamboo in the future. We like the clean, simple look of it, and they appear to be pretty sturdy; as his site says, "it won't stand up to a steamroller, but it'll help against the dings and dents of normal life." Peter also does laptop and CPU tower units as well, lending a natural sensibility to what can be sterile, unforgiving electronics.

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