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Finally, you made your wish come true. You went out and got the iPod touch. This is the latest iPod to come out of Apple’s iPod family. It features a very attention seeking touch screen which features the multi-touch graphical user interface. It also contains the safari web browser with wireless access to the iTunes Store and Apple’s App Store. This is the second generation of iPod Touch to feature external volume controls and a built-in speaker. Since you will be travelling around with it a lot. This makes it a top priority to protect it from scratches and damage. Since this model of the iPod has a touch screen secure protection is a top priority.

So what kind of iPod Touch cases available in the market will protect your iPod from damage? These cases are made from all sort of modern day durable materials. Top case manufactures to choose from include Agent18, Belkin, Contour, Griffin, H2O, Apple’s iFrogz, Incase, Marware and vice versa. They offer products made from silicon, leather right up to Aluminum. Prices range from $25 to $80. Armband cases are also a type of iPod Touch cases which are recommended for jogs and workouts. Check out some cool armband case products by Incase. Did you know that you now you can take your iPod Touch underwater with you scuba diving? H2O Audio iDive 300 is an exclusive range of products from H2O recommended by iPod Touch users and the good thing is it’s also licensed by Apple.

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