Griffin iClear iPod Touch Case

Griffin iClear iPod Touch Case
Griffin iClear iPod touch case is a plastic hard cover case. As the name suggest, this iPod Touch case is made up of a clear plastic two-piece hard shell. It covers virtually every part of the iPod Touch’s body, except for the Sleep/Wake button, Home button, and bottom surface, giving it a full and solid protection. Griffin iClear iPod Touch case also comes with a screen protective film and a cleaning cloth.

The iClear iPod Touch case is designed to give easy access to the touch screen, dock connector, headphone port and hold switch. It can be connected to any Universal iPod Dock without being removed from the enclosure. However, it's not easy to be removed once you have it on. It takes some skill to remove the iClear iPod Touch case.. This video show you how to remove iClear case:

Customer Reviews (from Amazon):
"I have search for all over the place to find right case. even Apple store doesn't have one. then I went to bestbuy. they had Griffin clear case at time of purchase. I just love that. it shows clear appearance of touch, and protect entire ipod touch as well. it looks beautiful on my hand. it comes with screen protector film which prevents smudge, scratches on the screen. only downside is that it is not coming with belt clip. but overall I just love it so much. if somebody look for right case, it's definitely answer."
By Taeguen Yoo (St. Louis, MO, USA)

"This is a great case. It snaps in tightly and is easy to remove as well. It comes with a screen protector which is very easy to put on. I love how it fits perfectly to the shape of the Ipod Touch. Some cases when you put it on will mask the appearance of your ipod but this does not. While providing good protection for your Touch, it does not hide the appearance of your touch."
By NegativeX (Brooklyn, NY)

"Great case, would be five except because of the hardest part, applying the static screen. No real instructions included. Of course, I messed up the first time and gave up, but read somewhere else to use scotch tape to clean the screen. So trying again, I got it. Don't try to make it perfect, so long as the screen inside the actual case is bubble and lint free. My problem in the first application was trying to make the screen perfect all the way from the top edge down to the bottom. On the second try, I got it just about perfect except tiny parts of the edges, which you can't really see through the case unless you look for it. Finally, there was one spot with a tiny piece of lint in the left corner where the screen is, but unless you look and twist it under a direct light, you won't see it, unless you keep looking for it. In a little while, I will clean and re-apply again."
By DJ Kay (Chicago, IL)

Overall, iClear is a great iPod Touch case. The neutral combination of a clear front shell and frosted rear back shell that lets you see the iPod touch inside makes it a really nice looking case. Furthermore, with the good quality of impact-resistant hard shells, and a great value at $20, iClear iPod Touch case is definitely a A-class case that is highly recommended.

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