Sena Walletbook iPod Case

I recently purchased an iPod touch and went on a hapless search for a case that would satisfy my admittedly strict design needs. Those ubiquitous rubberized cases don't do it for me. In my perfect world, I envisioned something that would resemble nothing so much as an old leather-bound book. Red, preferably. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

Well, there is a God.
Sena Walletbook Case

Introducing the Sena Walletbook Case for iPod touch. Isn't it beautiful? It's practically identical to one of my favorite leather diaries ever, the Smythson 2009 Bijou Organizer.
Sena Walletbook Case

See how it opens just like a book? And the front cover folds back easily so talking on the phone isn't awkward. Best of all, it's just $49.95.

Here it looks completely at home atop a stack of antique tomes. I love the idea of dressing up a piece of millennium technology in the wrappings of a 19th century journal.
I like to think Charles would approve.

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