Bullet Proof iPod Touch Case

Bullet Proof iPod Touch Case

Would your iPod case take a bullet for you?

The range of Vibe Vault aluminum iPod cases possibly* could.

They're available for the iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and 5th Gen iPods.

Prices range between $30 and $48

Hop over to vibevault.com for full details.

• Adds less than the thickness of a quarter to the front and back of your iPod.
• Preserves access to all functions- “no annoying restrictions”
• Designed for users, by users.
• Sleek, concept driven, design
• Weighs 2.4 oz (16 GB iTouch weighs 4.3 oz)
• Type II Anodizing
The Benefits
• Superior Protection.
• Looks and Feels great.
• Preservation of sleekness.
• Visual and Tangible quality.
• Confidently take your iPod everywhere.
• Scratch resistant, rich coloring and a lifelong shine.

*Don't try it at home!

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