The Metal iPod Touch Case

metal ipod touch case ipod_touch_cases Metal iPod Touch Case
The ultimate Aluminium Metal Hard case has been created for the iPod Touch . It is named Golden Factron and preventing ipod touch from sliding off smooth surface.

The case comes as 2 separate sheets of aluminium ,they are shaped to allow your Touch to sit perfectly in. In each corner there are screws and threads ,it allow you to attach the other sheet to the lower side of the touch and be securely fastened together. Although it doesn’t appear to protect the screen, it certainly prevents damage to the touch should it be dropped on concrete.

The two downsides to this case are first, the size. with those extra corners added on, the Touch wont easily fit in your pocket any more. Finally, which seems a tad on the steep side to me. I think I’d rather risk just not having a case my self then paying a total of over $500 for both the case and iPod Touch.

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