iWood Totally Buy One Of These

ipod cases iWood Totally Buy One Of These
No, its not a classless boner joke...this time. From iWood comes these gorgeous little iPod coffins:

Made in Holland and available in maple, oak, cherry, padouk, and mahogany, there's a case available for virtually any iPod in existance, even your iPhone. (Not the Shuffle, though. Its the redhaired stepchild of the Apple family.) The case only adds 3mm to the overall width, leaving it slim and easy to pack.

iWood's website makes it a little tricky to find the prices (probably so you grow to love them to the point you'll pay any price they ask) but the iPod Nano cases start at about 85 Euros ($120 USD) while the iPod classic is 95 (about $135). You can also have them monogrammed or gift wrapped in a chic black case.

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